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Kamberg Akkommodasie

Wys 1 tot 10 van 10 eenhede
Slaap: 24 in 3 eenhede/kamers
Van R 1 950,00
Per eenheid per nag.

National Heritage Nature Park

Selfsorg Huis / Kothuis Verblyf in Kamberg

National Heritage Nature Park in the South African Drakensberg is the perfect holiday getaway for mountain walks and hikes, trout fishing and sheer relaxation

Slaap: 12
Van R 380,00
Per persoon per nag (wat deel).

Kamdun Lodge

Selfsorg Huis / Kothuis Verblyf in Kamberg

Kamdun Lodge is situated on 26 hectares of land at the base of Mount Lebanon in the beautiful farming community of the Kamberg Valley, 40Km from Nottingham Road, near the Giant's Castle area of the Central Drakensberg.

Slaap: 14
Van R 450,00
Per persoon per nag (wat deel).

Mountain View Ranch

Selfsorg Huis / Kothuis Verblyf in Kamberg

This beautiful ranch is set on 24ha of property, with the picturesque Little Mooi River meandering through the fields. With horses, blesbok and Nguni cows grazing in the paddocks, it is a nature lovers dream.

Slaap: 14 in 3 eenhede/kamers
Van R 575,00
Per persoon per nag (wat deel).

Kamberg Valley Hideaway

Selfsorg Huis / Kothuis Verblyf in Kamberg

Kamberg Valley Hideaway is a 27-hectare small holding located in an un-spoilt part of the Drakensberg Mountains. The property has a small pond which is surrounded by reeds and active bird life as well as a main dam that is stocked with rainbow trout and..

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Nabygeleë Eiendomme

Slaap: 10 in 2 eenhede/kamers
Van R 300,00
Per persoon per nag (wat deel).


Selfsorg Huis / Kothuis Verblyf in Suid Drakensberge

17.0km Suid-Oos van sentrum van Kamberg

If you are looking for a quiet place to gather your thoughts and recharge your batteries then Stonehaven is the place for you.

Slaap: 44 in 16 eenhede/kamers
Van R 695,00
Per persoon per nag (wat deel).

The Bend Country House and Nature Estate

Visvang Verblyf - Varswater in Nottingham Road

18.3km Noord-Oos van sentrum van Kamberg

The Bend,set on a 1400ha estate, with 5km of river frontage, 7 trout filled dams and 40 squared km of Mountain and Country Side. 16 luxury rooms, 3 cottages, restuarant and bar, chapel and banquet hall to cater for weddings, conferences and lodging.

Kits Besprekings Bel Direk Direkte Ondersoek
Slaap: 6
Van R 1 000,00
Per eenheid per nag.

Lake Zonk

Gasteplaas Akkommodasie in Mooirivier

20.1km Noord van sentrum van Kamberg

The cottage on Lake Zonk is an ideal getaway. Situated only a few metres from the waters edge, it provides spectacular views and easy access to water based activities.

Slaap: 12 in 4 eenhede/kamers
Van R 690,00
Per persoon per nag (wat deel).

Forty Winks

Selfsorg Akkommodasie in Rosetta

23.1km Noord-Oos van sentrum van Kamberg

Besoek die Forty Winks selfsorg eenhede in die pragtige Kamberg Vallei,die hart van vlieg hengel (“fly fishing”) bestemmings in Natal se nuwe Springrove Dam in die Kwazulu Natal Midlands.

Slaap: 10
Van R 2 500,00
Per eenheid per nag.

Tregaron Trout

Visvang Verblyf - Varswater in Mooirivier

23.1km Noord van sentrum van Kamberg

Tucked in the foothills of the Drakensberg lies Tregaron Trout lodge. A peaceful and tranquil haven set on a scenic and well stocked trout dam.

Slaap: 5
Van R 380,00
Per persoon per nag (wat deel).

Crags Cottage

Selfsorg Huis / Kothuis Verblyf in Rosetta

24.7km Noord-Oos van sentrum van Kamberg

Geniet ‘n wegkomkans in die pragtige KZN se middelande met vistas van groen valleie naby die Drakensberg.

Kamberg - Drakensberg & Surroundings


Fly-fishing in the Drakensberg - The fresh mountain air and clean, clear water make Kamberg a paradise for fly-fishing, with a number of stocked dams fed by the Little and Big Mooi Rivers flowing through the area.

Take A Hike in the Drakensberg - The Kamberg region also provides nature enthusiasts with excellent opportunities for hiking and bird watching, with various well maintained routes.

Rock Art in the Drakensberg - Many fine examples of San rock art exist near Kamberg. A Bushman Rock Art Site has been opened to the public giving visitors the chance to learn more about the history of the Drakensberg.

The Kamberg Nature Reserve has three attractive picnic sites situated near the river and trout dams.

Other attractions in Kamberg
- tubing on the Little Mooi river at Glengarry
- mountain biking at Glengarry
- Glengarry Golf Club (9 holes)

Kamberg Events
- Annual Kamberg Trout Festival
- Kamberg Outdoor Challenge
- Kamberg Country Day
- Annual Miss Fertilizer Bag Competition
-  Glengerry Mountain Bike Classic

WhereToStay Kamberg accommodation ranges from a variety of specific categories such as Kamberg self catering accommodation to Kamberg b and b accommodation and many more.

More sought after Kamberg accommodation categories include Kamberg pet-friendly and Kamberg wheelchair-friendly accommodation. If you are specifically pursuing these Kamberg accommodation categories, then we highly recommend that you contact the accommodation owner directly to ensure that the facilities are satisfactory and to your liking.
The Kamberg pet-friendly accommodation and the Kamberg wheelchair-friendly accommodation facilities can vary between large Kamberg Hotels as well as small room only accommodation. Self catering Kamberg accommodation will occupy the majority of these listings.

99% of all Kamberg guest houses listed on WhereToStay will display rates for your convenience. Occasionally a Kamberg guest house will ask you to request a quotation.
WhereToStay tries to keep the Kamberg self catering and Kamberg b&b standards at the highest levels relative to tariffs charged. Misleading advertising related to any listings of Kamberg B&B and Kamberg self catering accommodation should be reported so that WhereToStay can act accordingly.

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WhereToStay Kamberg Akkommodasie wissel van 'n verskeidenheid van spesifieke categoriee soos Kamberg selfsorg akkommodasie, Kamberg, b en b blyplekke en nog veel meer.

Meer gesogte Kamberg slaapplek kategoriee sluit in Kamberg troeteldier-vriendelike blyplekke en Kamberg rolstoel-vriendelike akkommodasie.
As jy spesifiek vrae oor die voorsetting van hierdie Kamberg blyplekke, sal dit raadsaam wees om kontak met die eienaars te maak om te verseker dat die fasiliteite bevredend is en na you hart.

Die Kamberg troeteldier-vriendelike verblyf en Kamberg rolstoel-vriendelike vakansie blyplekke kan wissel tussen Kamberg Hotelle asook klein kamer akkommodasie in Kamberg. Kamberg selfsorg slaapplekke sal die meerderheid van hiedie inskrywings beset.

99% van alle Kamberg gastehuise gelys op WhereToStay sal pryse vertoon vir u gerief. Soms sal 'n Kamberg gastehuis vra om 'n kwotasie te versoek.

WhereToStay probeer om die lys van Kamberg slaapplek standaarde op die hoogste vlakke (relatief tot tariewe) gehef hou.
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