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Matatiele Akkommodasie

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Nabygeleë Eiendomme

Slaap: 20 in 6 eenhede/kamers
Van R 340,00
Per persoon per nag (wat deel).

Cedarberg Guest Farm

Interesante Blyplekke in Cedarville

23.4km Oos van sentrum van Matatiele

Word 'n boer vir ‘n naweek op die werkende Cedarberg plaas van ongeveer 1500 hektaar. Help, of ervaar net boerdery aktiwiteite soos beeste dip, koeie melk, skape tel en dies meer.

Slaap: 70 in 12 eenhede/kamers
Van R 720,00
Per persoon per nag (wat deel).

St. Bernard's Peak Mountain Lodge

Interesante Blyplekke in Suid Drakensberge

41.2km Noord van sentrum van Matatiele

Ontvlug die stads-gewoel ... en mik vir die rustigheid van die berge. Of jy forel hengel geniet, of stap, voëlkyk, perdry of net ontspan langs die swembad, hierdie is jou ideale familie wegbreek.

Slaap: 21 in 3 eenhede/kamers
Van R 1 750,00
Per eenheid per nag.

Lake St Bernard

Suid Drakensberge

43.0km Noord van sentrum van Matatiele

Lake St Bernard is situated on the St Bernards Peak road off the R617 in the Southern Drakensberg. The 68 hectare lake is on a privately owned farm that is home to many species of buck and wildlife.


The historic town of Matatiele is situated in the lesser explored southern Drakensberg, roughly seventy kilometers from Kokstad, where the Eastern Cape, southern Lesotho and KwaZulu Natal share borders. The small village of Matatiele lies overshadowed by the Matatiele Mountain, in what used to be called "no mans land", which was a haven for horse thieves, gunrunners and smugglers in the 19th Century. The town's name gains its origin from the Sotho words, "matata" meaning wild ducks, and "ile" meaning gone, or to have left. The roughly translated English version of the name means, the ducks have flown, which is a fitting name because many years ago the region was once a place where an abundance of waterfowl, not to mention lions and elephant, used to reside in numerous pools, marshes, wetlands and pans.

An interesting variety of between forty and sixty bird species can still be found in the Matatiele area, however most of these are found on the Matatiele Mountain. Matatiele Mountain is considered amongst birdwatching enthusiasts to be the most accessible and reliable site in KwaZulu-natal for a variety of high altitude birds including some highly sought after special species which include Rudd's Lark, Yellow-breasted Pipit, Short-tailed Pipit, African Rock Pipit, Mountain Pipit, Cape Eagle-Owl, Buff-streaked Chat, Drakensberg Rock-jumper and Gurney's Sugarbird.

Today Matatiele exists mainly as a farming community, however there are a number of attractions available to visitors, such as the museum located in what was originally a garage, an auction room, a Dutch Reformed Church and lastly a telephone exchange, before being proclaimed a national monument. In an initiative to develop tourism as a source of income, visitors are accommodate by local communities, in traditional African guest houses, and cultural village tours and hiking trails are include as part of the package. Two nature reserves in the area include the Wilfred Bauer Nature Reserve where the Zedonk (a mix between a donkey and zebra) lives, and the Mountain Lake Reserve where a pristine lake stretches over an area of thirty hectares.

Guests Visit to Matatiele
Arrived at Matatiele (Eastern Cape) and glad to add to our "places to know"

Matatiele is probably half the size of Kokstad and also with a very impressive, tidy residential suburb.
The tiny Matatiele CBD is only about 5 street blocks long, and primarily confined to the main road only
The normal and typical shops and service providers such as take-outs, Pick n Pay, Tyre Sales and Repair shops to name a few, operate in town.

There must have been at least a dozen sign boards leading off the main road of Matatiele, pointing to what looked liked very neat and tidy Matatiele Bed and Breakfast or Guest Houses. Not too many Matatiele Self Catering properties were evident. Much like Kokstad, Matatiele looks like a good spot to stay over for reps or holiday makers travelling between KZN and the Eastern Cape. We were pleasantly surprised to overlook what seemed like a fairly well manicured golf course on our way out of town - Matatiele Golf Club looks like its worth investigating.

I think that whatever Matatiele accommodation is sought after, (business accommodation or familly stop-over accommodation) Matatiele will not fail to impress.

Cheers Matatiele...........on our way to Elliott.

Carlo and Ren

Naby Interessante Punte
WhereToStay Matatiele accommodation ranges from a variety of specific categories such as Matatiele self catering accommodation to Matatiele b and b accommodation and many more.

More sought after Matatiele accommodation categories include Matatiele pet-friendly and Matatiele wheelchair-friendly accommodation. If you are specifically pursuing these Matatiele accommodation categories, then we highly recommend that you contact the accommodation owner directly to ensure that the facilities are satisfactory and to your liking.
The Matatiele pet-friendly accommodation and the Matatiele wheelchair-friendly accommodation facilities can vary between large Matatiele Hotels as well as small room only accommodation. Self catering Matatiele accommodation will occupy the majority of these listings.

99% of all Matatiele guest houses listed on WhereToStay will display rates for your convenience. Occasionally a Matatiele guest house will ask you to request a quotation.
WhereToStay tries to keep the Matatiele self catering and Matatiele b&b standards at the highest levels relative to tariffs charged. Misleading advertising related to any listings of Matatiele B&B and Matatiele self catering accommodation should be reported so that WhereToStay can act accordingly.

See our full list of Matatiele accommodation special categories at the top of this page


WhereToStay Matatiele Akkommodasie wissel van 'n verskeidenheid van spesifieke categoriee soos Matatiele selfsorg akkommodasie, Matatiele, b en b blyplekke en nog veel meer.

Meer gesogte Matatiele slaapplek kategoriee sluit in Matatiele troeteldier-vriendelike blyplekke en Matatiele rolstoel-vriendelike akkommodasie.
As jy spesifiek vrae oor die voorsetting van hierdie Matatiele blyplekke, sal dit raadsaam wees om kontak met die eienaars te maak om te verseker dat die fasiliteite bevredend is en na you hart.

Die Matatiele troeteldier-vriendelike verblyf en Matatiele rolstoel-vriendelike vakansie blyplekke kan wissel tussen Matatiele Hotelle asook klein kamer akkommodasie in Matatiele. Matatiele selfsorg slaapplekke sal die meerderheid van hiedie inskrywings beset.

99% van alle Matatiele gastehuise gelys op WhereToStay sal pryse vertoon vir u gerief. Soms sal 'n Matatiele gastehuis vra om 'n kwotasie te versoek.

WhereToStay probeer om die lys van Matatiele slaapplek standaarde op die hoogste vlakke (relatief tot tariewe) gehef hou.
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